Why our clients choose us

Why our clients choose us

Mindset Matters Group is a team of experienced thought leaders who have 30+ years experience.

We are passionate about evolving leadership consciousness, leadership development and self mastery. Evidence-based research shows leaders cannot effectively manage complexity or grow their people beyond their own level of consciousness. We upgrade and grow your leaders so they can enable and grow their people.

Our program designers, coaches and facilitators combine psychology, coaching and counselling expertise with their own executive backgrounds, business knowledge and qualifications. We understand and have deep experience of both the inner and outer landscapes and the personal and professional challenges of people leaders and executives. We support personal leadership transformation and build resilience by facilitating growth in the areas of IQ (technical capacity), EQ (interpersonal capacity) and SQ (meaning, purpose, values and ethics).

We are experienced in a range of business offerings – including joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, cultural integration and transition management. Our diversity of experience and knowledge addresses immunities to change within individuals and organisations so you can develop and harness the diversity of thought essential in any successful change process, strategic initiative implementation, innovation and cultural integration.

Our work is almost all referral and we believe this is a testament to the quality and results we achieve in partnership with you. A combination of fresh ideas, an outside perspective, local and international experience and knowledge at the cutting edge of change - combined with practical ways to unleash the people power within your organisation - means that our work actually works.

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