Team Bios

Team Bios

Liza Spence - (Sydney) Managing Director

Liza is the founder and managing director of one of Australia’s leading boutique leadership and culture change consultancies. She is a results-focused consultant, coach and facilitator offering clients insight, engagement and inspiration. Liza provides thought leadership and strategic advice that helps shape organisational culture and deliver tangible and significant outcomes.

For more than twenty years Liza has worked with leaders and teams at all levels, and within most industry sectors. She has designed and led countless tailored commercially-focused interventions. These interventions have resulted in the formation of many high-performing, strategically-aligned, leaders, teams and organisations.  READ MORE


Patrick Buckley – (Sydney) Chief Learning Officer

Patrick spent many years in senior management positions in the advertising and media industries before choosing to tie his understanding of the business world with his passionate belief in the often untapped potential of people to deliver outstanding personal and organisational results. He has over twenty years of global experience as a designer and deliverer of corporate facilitation, specialising in mindsets and capability. This is supported by his skills as an executive coach which allows him the opportunity to take a ‘group’ experience to a more personal and specific level in the transformation of the leadership skills of his clients.  READ MORE


Michael Ryder - (Sydney) Consultant

Michael is an experienced and accomplished consultant, executive coach and facilitator who has worked and academically researched in the area of human and organisational potential for over 20 years. A former CEO, he works closely with corporate leaders and executives as a thought partner and coach to facilitate and support them in growing the leadership and organisational capacities that underpin superior professional achievement and extraordinary business performance.  READ MORE


Karranne Bale - (Sydney) Consultant

Karranne is highly experienced in leadership development, executive coaching, cross-cultural workplace relationships and nurturing talented leaders of the future.  She has designed and facilitated numerous transformational leadership programs created to look at the inner leader by developing their resilience, capability, enthusiasm, innovation and imagination; inspiring them to grow, both on a personal and a business level.  READ MORE


Rod Griffiths (Perth) Consultant

Rod is deeply experienced coach, strategic thinker, consultant and facilitator. His expertise includes the development of leaders, executives and managers through one-on-one, team-based and organisation-wide interventions. He designs and leads interventions ensuring that strategic and individual objectives are translated into demonstrable and successful results. Rod has expertise that will help improve commercial results, individual and team systems and effectiveness, strategic organisational alignment and leadership.  READ MORE