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Leadership Development

Improved leadership behaviours have a direct positive impact on business performance.

Developing leaders is at the core of Mindset Matters Groups deliverables.  Improved leadership behaviours have a direct positive impact on business performance.  Zengers' statistics on the relationship between leadership competency and results show that extraordinary leaders can double the profits of a business. Therefore, any work we do has a requirement for the development of great leadership.  Having worked with numerous Australian and international organisations we have developed many bespoke programs specifically tailored to meet complex and diverse sets of capability, skill and mindset needs.

  • LEAP (Leadership Evolution & Actualisation Pathway), Bespoke Leadership Development Programs, Personal Mastery.
  • Conscious Leadership, Vertical Learning, Coaching for Innovation, Productivity Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Accountability.
  • Leading Through Change, Organisational Transformation, Train the Trainer, Transformational  Leadership, Leader as Coach, Executive Coaching, Transition Coaching, Small Group Coaching, Workshops, Embedding Tools, 360 Degree Feedback Tools.

Central to our leadership development philosophy is the need to support leaders and emerging leaders through the stages of adult development.  We have encapsulated this in our LEAP (Leadership Evolution & Actualisation Pathway) modelling – combining Conscious Leadership Development, Personal Mastery and Vertical Learning in a unique and cutting edge approach to achieve true leadership.