Team Development

Team Development

We transform team performance in five key dimensions; Mindset, Interaction, Process, Direction and Drive then embed changes in teams. Critical to awareness, we create an environment to move implicit beliefs, values and needs into the conscious so that individual and team behaviours can be more effective and in turn create opportunity for greater value creation and realisation. 

Our structured approach to team transformation. 


  • the starting point for team transformation is to conduct an assessment of 25 team competencies across five key dimensions which underpin the performance dynamic:
    • how are we doing?
    • what are the priority areas for development?


  • structured, tailored interventions
  • workshops, coaching
  • specific action plan commitments

Re-assess and re-focus:

  • review progress
  • update priority areas for development
  • update plans

Transformational results:

  • further targeted team development
  • more outward focus
  • cascade best practice

All programs are tailored based on the results of the team assessment process. However, a sample approach to accelerating through the stages of team development may include: 

1.5 day workshop. Through Forming to Norming

  • Building the team
    • Jump start performance
    • Quickly develop productive relationships
    • increase chances of cruising through storming phase

1.5 day workshop. From Storming through to Norming and Performing

  • Developing the team
    • Resolve conflict and issues in the team
    • Uncover blockages and free the team up to move on and develop simple and effective tools

1.5 day workshop. Staying in Performing

  • Leading the team
    • Cross functional collaboration
    • Resourceful mindsets
    • From responsibility to self to joint responsibility for the team and the system