Mindsets Matter

Mindsets Matter

Why mindsets matter

Mindsets matter because they shape the way we view the world and can constrict or expand the way in which we engage in life.

Our mindsets grow out of the experiences we have. Irrespective of whether the experience is positive or negative, a filter is formed that limits what our mind absorbs of subsequent situations. This is driven by protecting ourselves and feeling secure in an uncertain world. Paradoxically, by avoiding making the same mistakes and being hurt we quite unintentionally miss opportunities. We can even miss out on greater things by being fixed on replicating previous success.

We are usually totally unaware of all this. Our mindsets are in the background. To engage more fully we need to bring our mindsets to the foreground. This requires a combination of specific experiences and reflection that enable us to become aware of and then shift our mindsets to ones that serve. This is what the Mindset Matters Group offers.

Mindsets matter!

Can people really change? Can companies?

Through time, humans have shown an immense capacity for change, revolution, invention and exploration. No more than in the past few generations. Yet the question lingers; can we really change?

What individuals and groups of committed people can achieve, is immense. Mindsets are the core determinant of success versus failure. Do people look for the way through knowing there is one? Or do they give up at some point because they don't believe it really is possible?

The power of individual perception is fundamental to how we create reality. We see what we expect to see. Our limitations are mostly self-imposed. In organisations, those limitations are group mindsets that manifest in behavioural norms and what is accepted around here.

So it's not just soft stuff - it's hard numbers

Work is our community. How enriching is it?

Once upon a time, communities shaped our values and behaviours. Now, for many, our new community is the organisation we work in and the people we work with.

So we need our communities at work to be healthy and uplifting. To add richness to our lives and leave us better for being there. We only get one shot - make it worthwhile and truly balanced. Life-balanced. We don’t live a work-life balance – work is a part of life. So give your work a life!

Why change?

We work with organisations, individuals and teams to design intensive change programs to enable the shift from hands-on, task-focused leadership to leading through people.

Mindsets can change in a blink!

It can be as simple as a new piece of information that is more relevant than a previous piece. Look at examples in the past 20 years. Smoking, seat belts and drink driving. It can be more challenging too, but rewarding.

As we know it is not always so easy, but it is possible.

If you’ve cracked a business model that operates without people – great. You’re off the hook. For the rest of us, we must look to people to execute strategy, drive product development and deliver customer service.