Video testimonials

Video testimonials

Peter Harmer, CEO, IAG


Alistair Stuart, COO, Westpac


Phuong Ly, Executive General Manager, Agencies, IAG


Dion Gooderham, Senior Mgr Legal, Compliance and Capability, EO, IAG


Juliette Connolly, Senior Manager, Event Solutions, CI, IAG


Oenone Ritman, Legal & Claims Manager, CI, IAG


Roslyn Ivanyi, Senior Corporate Lawyer, EO, IAG 


Clayton Carrick-Leslie, Senior Manager Compliance and Capability, EO, IAG


Asad Salem, Learning Outcomes Team Leader, EO, IAG


Cliff Cabral, National Broker & Partner Property Manager, PI, IAG


Melissa Gojak, Senior Risk Advisor, Claims & Support Services, CI, IAG