Productivity leadership and productivity management make distinctive contributions:



A truly productive culture is characterised by the following mindsets:

  • Productivity increases customer satisfaction and our efficiency

  • Standardised processes create efficiency and consistency

  • All work is a process

  • Quality is my responsibility

  • We are all empowered to improve and collaborate

  • We continuously look for opportunities to improve our productivity

  • Productivity is a part of everyone’s role every day

  • Balanced, fact-based, evidence-driven decision making                                     


Mindset Matters Group Productivity programs use complementary and interdependent approaches:

Systems thinking and modelling ABOUT the process

  • Takes the balcony perspective
  • Highlights the 'could' and 'should be' of the process


Process analysis and mapping OF the process

  • The dance floor perspective – the ‘is’ and ‘improved is’
  • Intention to shift the ‘is’ towards the ‘could’ and ‘should’


Always bearing in mind – if you improve a mess, you’ll have an improved mess!