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Transition Coaching

Our coaches have been thoughtfully selected due to their superior executive coaching experience in the field of developing leadership and supporting transition within multi-national corporations. All have broad experience in partnering closely and effectively with client internal teams and the multiple stakeholder groups of corporations in order to enable and deliver tangible leadership results in leadership contexts across differing countries, cultures, paradigms and mindsets.

Mindset Matters Group has been at the leading edge of providing transition coaching to senior executives for 10 years. The work of Harvard’s Dr Michael Watkins, as presented in his book ‘Critical Strategies For New Leaders At All Levels – The First 90 Days’ informs our methodologies and provides a framework to our approach. Additionally we are able to integrate into our coaching plans new or existing data from internally or externally sourced feedback processes. This adds texture and context to the coaching process.

Our transition coaching is designed to support and accelerate each executive’s own performance and impact on their team during their transition period.

The scope of our transition coaching activities is contingent on the type of transition an executive is experiencing eg promotion to new role, move to a different function, geographic relocation, external hire etc and the situation they are leading eg a new or high growth market segment, a team or business turn around, a realignment.

Our coaches support executives through a diagnostic process and through coaching, creating a roadmap to address key evidence-based transition challenges. These include:

  • Promote yourself: preparing self for change
  • Accelerate your learning: focus on what’s important to learn and how to do it efficiently
  • Match strategy to situation: achieving individual and business goal clarity
  • Secure early wins: build personal credibility through creating value and improving business results as early as possible
  • Negotiate success: proactively engaging with your line manager
  • Achievement alignment: aligning structure and strategy, developing team and systems to realise strategic intent
  • Building the team: systematic and strategic team building and culture alignment
  • Create coalitions: ability to identify and influence stakeholders
  • Keeping balance: seeking advice and counsel as appropriate
  • Expedite everyone: accelerating team’s ability to succeed.