Written testimonials

Written testimonials

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  • I had the pleasure of working with Liza Spence and her team while I was the Global Head of Executive Education for multi-national bank. We had a very senior and very demanding target population of highly qualified and successful leaders. Many of whom have been exposed to the best universities and business schools. Finding a consulting firm who truly understands personal development, leadership development, senior talent and working across borders and cultures is no easy feat. In our partnership with Liza we were able to draw from her and her team's in-depth understanding of personal and leadership development and were able to craft programs that resonated and touched our leaders deeply to be able to help them see themselves and others more clearly and make informed choices about their behaviours and what kind of person and leader they chose to be going forward. Her team received top scores from participants for programs run in Singapore, Thailand, China, Africa and the Middle East. I have referred to her team as highly evolved human beings that are at once confident, humble, energized and peaceful and that just make any room better by being in it. I have no doubt that you and your teams will benefit from working with this group. I know we all did, myself included. 

Director Talent, Leadership Development, Learning & OD
Global Accounting Firm


  • An outstanding individual! I have worked with Liza and the Mindset Matters team on a number of important and complex people related projects. Liza brings a unique level of experience and insight to solutions, with outstanding results. Highly recommended and look forward to working together again on the next challenge.

Chief Operating Officer
Private Bank, UK


  • I've worked with Liza on multiple occasions and found her depth of expertise, professionalism and insight to be incredibly valuable. She truly understands the work of leadership and how to best develop those skills in others.

Master Facilitator/Learning Delivery Lead
Leadership Insitute


  • The work undertaken on the program made a material and measurable difference to the quality of strategy execution, as a result of the increased level of engagement and motivation of our team. By increasing the capability, people skills and leadership of our people leaders, we were able to drive more effective change outcomes. The quality of the Mindset Matters leadership team involved was a major driver in the success of this approach.

General Manager
Financial Services


  • I had greatly underestimated the effect of my thinking patterns on the analysis and decision-making process in my team. By delving into the mindsets that lie behind my way of working, I’ve been able to create an environment that leverages the capabilities of the whole team.

General Manager
Financial Services


  • My personal observations of Mindset Matters Group facilitators are very positive, and feedback from my team who've worked with them is that they are also excellent.
    In short, I'd be strongly in favour of keeping Mindset Matters Group and maintaining quality - which I think is significantly more important than cost in this case. They have a real depth of knowledge and capability in the EI space, which for all the best will in the world, we just don't have...

Head, Learning and Talent Development
Global Bank


  • At the outset thank you so much for stoking my latent skills. The workshop was extremely useful to me and I shall endeavor to put all the techniques doggedly into practice. In fact, today is the first day I am attending office post the workshop and in the evening there is a meeting scheduled with all managers in our team to share the insights gained with respect to stake holder management.
    I am impressed with the theory but would appreciate if you could provide additional reading material on this subject.

Essential Leadership Participant
Global Bank, India


  • I had executive coaching over a 6 month period. Together my coach and I created an environment in our sessions where I felt safe, supported, and comfortable enough to share things I ordinarily would not have. I felt entirely able to be honest and was skilfully challenged and supported to overcome some very long standing limiting personal beliefs that might have become road blocks to my continued success. I learned that what I was 'doing' and 'being' had gotten me to where I was - and that I now had the opportunity to do and be even more - and more effectively - in order to discover what I needed to continue towards being my best self - as a leader and as a human being.

General Manager
National Insurance Company


  • I had the first [course embedding] session this morning with my team and the feedback was that “this was the best team meeting – ever” as the team felt the value in their professional development and the traits we are looking at from a leadership perspective.
    Some of my fellow Executive Managers are also interested in sharing the program with their staff.
    Thanks for your efforts and commitment!

Executive Manager - Asset Management & Operations
Australian Bank


  • The training did me a world of good – I came in at a time when I was feeling a bit shaky about my new role [and] stepping into someone else’s shoes. After I came out, I really felt a world of difference.  Thank you for your inputs.  I observed you quite a bit and it was amazing how you seemed to always be present with us even if you were not facilitating [that section of the program], together with your professionalism. 

Essential Leadership Participant
Global Bank, India


  • The workshop itself and the content is outstanding. The facilitators are genuine and open, making the delivery of their experiences/insights seamless. I personally took away lots of new ways to think, self-reflect and grow. 
    The couple of days taught me a lot about how I can become a better leader both personally and professionally.

Senior Leader
Property Group